Every time you buy a wrap, A.BARCLAY purchases an item of need from a Tanzanian for a Tanzanian, supplying multiple orphanages in the country with day to day necessities and stimulating local markets.

A.BARCLAY works with Beverly Burden, of Ker & Downey Tanzania, Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, to help support the Tanzanian local economy.

"In places like Tanzania, where the majority of the population is living without electricity, running water, a consistent food source or employment, two of the best ways to contribute to improving people's lives is through helping people meet their basic needs and aiding in the the development of markets.

Due to broken families and poor health care there are many orphans living in Tanzania. The orphanages in the country cannot always provide for all of the orphans who they take in and thus by donating through A.BARCLAY, you can give to a child in need, and help him or her meet the basic needs, which we all deserve.

You will also be helping to sustain a local market because A. BARCLAY will buy an item of need made and sold by Tanzanians....so, purchase a scarf to supplement a market that gives to those who cannot provide for themselves."

—Beverly Burden, giving coordinator

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